Adult Congenital Heart Disease: A Practical Guide

English | PDF | 2005 | 278 Pages | ISBN : 0727916688 | 5.76 MB

English | PDF | 2005 | 278 Pages | ISBN : 0727916688 | 5.76 MB
Congenital heart disease with its worldwide incidence of 1% is themost common inborn defect. Increasingly, patients are living intoadulthood, with ongoing congenital heart and other medical needs.Sadly, only a small minority have specialist follow-up. However,all patients see their family doctor and may also seek advice fromother health professionals.
This practical guide with its straightforward a,b,c approach iswritten for those professionals.
Special features of this book:
Introduces the principles of congenital heart diseaseand tells you whom and when to refer for specialist care
Discusses common congenital heart lesions in a practical,easy-to-follow way, with an emphasis on diagnosis and managementissues
Includes an extensive chapter on ‘Pregnancy andContraception’ (by Philip J. Steer), essential both for familyplanning and for managing safely the pregnant woman with congenitalheart disease
Includes chapters on non-cardiac surgery and lifestyleissues such as work, insurability, travel and driving
Provides invaluable information on dealing with commonemergencies; what to do and what not to do
With a wealth of illustrations (including diagrams, EKGs, CXRs,Echos and cardiac MRIs) and with key point tables, this is anessential guide for all health care professionals managing patientswith adult congenital heart disease.


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