Viking Warriors Series by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Viking Warriors Series by Emmanuelle de Maupassant (1-2)
Overview: Emmanuelle de Maupassant Emmanuelle lives with her husband (maker of tea and fruit cake) and her little haggis pudding terrier (connoisseur of bacon treats and squeaky toys). She writes historical tales filled with steam, suspense, and elements of romance.
Genre: Fiction > Romance
1. Viking Wolf – Enter a world of burning desire and brutal passion; a world threatened by ambition, jealousy and revenge.
He is bound by duty…
Eirik has shed his blood on the battlefield; now, he’s commanded to marry a woman he’s never met. Will his sense of honour part him from Elswyth forever?
She is as brave as any man…
Elswyth is at the mercy of Jarl Gunnolf’s darkest seductions. Against the ancient blood-rituals of Ostara night, someone will stop at nothing to claim what’s most desired. Dark forces stir within the forest and Elswyth’s life is in peril. Will she fall prey to the devious schemes of her enemies?
2. Viking Beast – A reputation built upon ruthless savagery.
A warrior revelling in bloodshed and conquest.
A man bent on revenge.
Newly wedded to Eirik, now jarl of all Svolvaen, Elswyth carries the baby they both long for.
Their happiness seems assured, until Elswyth falls into the hands of Svolvaen’s fiercest adversary, sworn to avenge his wife’s death.
Elswyth must submit as his thrall or forfeit her life.
But the true murderer remains in their midst, and his ambition knows no bounds.

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