Sparks Fly, Tires Skid by Ari Rhoge

Sparks Fly, Tires Skid: A Modern Pride and Prejudice Variation Romantic Comedy by Ari Rhoge

Overview: Two peas in a pod. Two sisters. Two best friends. A two-way intersection. Two dented vehicles. Two unfathomably angry opponents. Two complacent, mildly flirtatious sidekicks.

Join Lizzy Bennet and Will Darcy as they inadvertently develop a muddled and chaotic relationship after smashing their cars into each other one innocent morning.

With a host of characters from the original story adapted to fit modern times, readers of regency-era fiction will find comfort in this fan-favorite, emotion-packed yet lighthearted variation tale of mistaken first impressions, love, disappointment, overbearing mothers, pride, and, of course, prejudice.
Genre: Fiction > Romance > Romantic Comedy

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