Loyalties Betrayed by Kimber Costantino

Loyalties Betrayed by Kimber Costantino (Loytalies Book 1) 

Overview: Hoping to escape a future indebted to Tony Russo, Frankie Donetti enlisted in the Marine Corps. Unbeknownst to him, when he was done serving his country, the sins of his youth were still waiting for him.
Dana Russo spent her entire life resenting Frankie for being the son her father always wanted. Home for the holidays, she’s reacquainted with him. The attraction is undeniable and when her life is turned upside down, Frankie is there to help pick up the pieces.
Consequences be damned, Frankie hinges his plan to destroy Tony Russo on Dana’s affections and she becomes an unwitting pawn in a duplicitous game she doesn’t know she’s playing.
Genre: Fiction > Romance

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