Omega Angel Café Series by Hawke Oakley

Omega Angel Café Series by Hawke Oakley (1-3) 

Overview: Hawke is a M/M author who loves shifters and exploring their lives. In his spare time he enjoys hiking with his dog, making sure his cat stays out of trouble, and playing video games.
Genre: Fiction > Romance MM

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1. Scent – Alphas and babies? No thanks.
Omega Jake has no interest in a serious relationship because of his hatred of alphas. He’s held on to too much pain for the way he was treated in the past. So when Jake is especially upset when he finds out his best friend, Skylar, landed a job at the Omega Angel Café – what Jake thinks is a degrading work environment where omegas serve coffee and entertain paying alphas. But Jake is a fiercely protective friend, so he puts aside his own feelings to accompany Skylar on his first day of work to make sure no alpha harasses him.
Omegas and love? Never again.
Griffin has given up on love. After being burned by his ex’s betrayal, the bitter alpha is reluctant to become close to anyone ever again. With the anniversary of the event rapidly approaching, Griffin allows himself to indulge in a night of passion with an omega he met at a bar, if only just to forget his past.
But when his co-worker drags him to the acclaimed Omega Angel Café, Griffin runs into the last person he expects to see there – that very same omega.
A seductive scent.
When Jake meets Griffin, he’s just another alpha to satisfy his desires. But after their no-strings-attached night, Jake realizes something doesn’t feel quite right. It isn’t until Jake runs into Griffin again at the Omega Angel Café that he realizes he has a major problem.
He can’t get Griffin’s irresistible scent off his mind.

2. Touch – An abandoned omega.
When Felix failed to become pregnant with his arranged mate and deemed infertile, he was kicked to the curb like garbage. Too ashamed to tell his parents, and without the financial support of his ex, Felix vows to find his own place in the world – even if he’ll never have the loving mate and child he always dreamed of.
A chance encounter earns Felix a job at the Omega Angel Cafe, but despite being surrounded by alphas on a daily basis, none of them speak to his soul – until an alpha and his guide dog walk through the doors.
A blind alpha daddy.
Elijah may have given up his bodyguard career when he lost his vision, but he hasn’t given up seeking true love, and a submissive ‘boy’ to play with. Although he has a constant companion in his guide dog River, it’s no replacement for a human family. Above all, Elijah wants a mate and a family. But no one has given Elijah that spark – until he meets a gentle omega named Felix.
The magic of each other’s touch.
After a kinky night of breathtaking passion, Felix and Elijah realize what they share isn’t just lust. But everything changes when Felix discovers what should have been impossible – he’s pregnant.
And when dark shadows from their past threaten their happiness, can Felix and Elijah overcome the odds?

3. Taste – An omega’s mistake.
Skylar is impatient for his own happily-ever-after. When his closest friends find alpha mates and have beautiful children, Skylar desperately wants that life too. But no matter how many alphas he meets, none of them click. No romance means no alpha, and no alpha means no baby.
That’s why Skylar takes fate into his own hands and does something no one expects.
An alpha determined to make things right.
Despite his charm and good looks, romance avoids Rafael like the plague. After all his failed attempts at love, Rafael accepts his fate of being single forever.
But one fated night, he saves a frightened omega and becomes the only person to learn his deepest secret.
A taste of love leaves them wanting more.
After Skylar makes the biggest mistake of his life, he’s alone and afraid, until an alpha he once hated steps in to protect him. But will fate change its course for these two terminally single men?

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