Kyrzon Breeding Auction Series by Luna Voss

Kyrzon Breeding Auction Series by Luna Voss (1-2)

Overview: Luna Voss writes steamy sci-fi romance novels filled with action, adventure, and hot aliens. Grab a book and take a journey through the galaxy along with lovable characters who always get the happy ending they deserve.
Genre: Romance



1. Sold to the Babymaker- Auctioned off to an alien war chief, destined to have his babies…
On the Planet Kyrzon, powerful warlords compete for the right to breed with a human female. As a fertile young woman, Cleo is to be sold to the highest bidder.
Chief Drokal’s fearsome strength and iron will have allowed him to dominate his rivals, but now he seeks the one thing he can’t conquer in battle: a mate.
Cleo is too busy putting her skills with technology to use in Human Territory to worry about being sold to a savage war chief, but when her Auction Day arrives, she has no choice but to step up to the block.
And that’s when one thing becomes terrifyingly clear:
Chief Drokal can’t take his eyes off her. He’s going to bid whatever it takes to claim her.
…And then he’s going to make her pregnant.

2. Claimed by the Babymaker – Sold at auction for breeding… Claimed by an alien warrior.
On Lily’s planet, human women are sold at auction to Kyrzon warriors for breeding. Lily has no intention of being an alien’s captive breeder, and after she is sold, she manages to escape, finding herself alone in the planet’s hostile wilderness.
The Kyrzon warrior Ragga is ordered by his chief to hunt Lily down after her escape. He is successful in catching her, but soon, he has another problem: he’s starting to have feelings for this small, curvy human. He doesn’t want to give her back to the tribe. He wants to make her his and impregnate her.
Soon, he’s teaching her how to hunt and fight, and she’s teaching him that he can love more strongly than he ever thought was possible.
When Ragga and Lily’s union puts them in danger, they’ll need all of their skills to fight for survival.

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