The Timberwolves Series by Lizzy Ripp

The Timberwolves Series by Lizzy Ripp (1-3) 

Overview: Spinner of scintillating, sexy and sweet romance novels.
Genre: Fiction > Romance




1. Breaking the Ice – He’s a superstar athlete with a bad off-the-ice reputation. She’s a hard-working girl climbing the corporate ladder. To save their careers, they both need each other. But will a relationship invented for the cameras turn into something real?
Julia Delroy has her dream career within her grasp. All she needs to do is save bad boy Russian hockey star Yaro Sharapova from career suicide by pulling off the perfect publicity stunt – linking him with local starlet, Cassie West.
But when a twist of fate forces Julia to take Cassie’s place in the spotlight as Yaro’s latest love interest, things start to get complicated. Does girl-next-door Julia have what it takes to tame a man like Yaro? And can Yaro become the man Julia deserves? Or will it all disappear with the flash of a camera?

2. Hard as Ice – A rising starlet with the world at her feet, Cassie West. The Timberwolves newest all-star defenceman, Jonathon Oullet. Their relationship was a media tour de force, but was it more than just a publicity stunt?
Cassie is about to accept the biggest role of her career: the leading lady alongside one of the most in-demand stars in Hollywood. But her excitement turns to dread upon discovering her new role will be alongside superstar, Kevin Kelley – with whom she shares a dark secret that could destroy her Hollywood career before it begins.
Their love faces seemingly insurmountable hurdles. Will Cassie’s secret destroy her career? Can Jonathan juggle the most challenging season of his career and protect Cassie from herself all at the same time? Or will they lose it all in an instant?

3. Cold as Ice – Alex Torrence – a hockey star who grew up rough on the wrong side of the tracks. Erika Brady – his coach’s pretentious but stunning daughter. When the two meet, sparks fly instantly – but after living through her parents’ bitter divorce, Erika doesn’t believe in love.
Erika thinks she’s made the smart choice. She’s engaged to the right man – he’s handsome, he’s rich, and he’s from the kind of family most girls dream about. But no one has ever made her feel the way Alex does.
When Alex and Erika are forced into close-quarters for her father’s wedding, all of Erika’s defenses start to crumble, while Alex is caught between his desire and respect for the only father-figure he has ever known. Can Alex convince Erika to take a chance on love? Or will she run away from the only real thing she’s ever known?

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