Origins of the Six Series by A.K. Koonce, Aleera Anaya Ceres

Origins of the Six Series by A.K. Koonce, Aleera Anaya Ceres (1-3) 

Overview: A.K. Koonce is a USA Today best selling author. She’s a mom by day and a fantasy and paranormal romance author by night. She keeps the fantastical stories in her mind on an endless loop, while she tries her best to focus on her actual life and not that of the spectacular but demanding fictional characters who always fill her thoughts.
Genre: Romance




1. Academy of Six – Deadly monsters live in all of us.
The Academy of Six has just never seen a monster as terribly mundane as Izara Castillo. And that is a dangerous problem. She has four semesters to not only understand her supernatural abilities, but harness them as well.
Everything at the Academy is a disaster, from Interdimensional Travels through hell to the other hell they like to call Gym.
Bullies push her, test her, and simply try to kill her. A few broodingly protective roommates and a scary fake boyfriend could help. Or make her life impossibly harder.
Pretend to date the emotionally detached demon, they said. What’s the worst that could happen, they said.
It’s make or break within this prison of a school. If she succeeds, she’ll finally know what she’s capable of, who she truly is, and where she came from.
If she fails…she dies.
This is Reverse Harem series containing M/M themes.

2. Control of Five- What’s more dangerous than dark magic?
Deadly secrets.
And The Academy of Six is hiding both within its ancient walls.
A History of Magic sends Izara on a literal trip down memory lane. She uncovers that there’s more than what the students think they know about the supernatural school in the middle of New York City. It’s mysterious past, as well as her own, are twisting together in a destructive way.
She always knew the Academy was created to stop a reckless power.
And she’s just now realizing that if her and her friends can’t contain the monster within her, history is bound to repeat itself.

3. Destruction of Two – Welcome to Hell.
Gym class, the academy, my tormentors, they have nothing on this place. It thrives on unimaginable power. Consuming magic pulses all around me. It owns me.
I have to escape. I have to be stronger than the evil that’s all around me. And I have to remind myself that this isn’t where I belong. I belong in that prison of a school with my friends.
With my men.
Even if the Devil does make me a deal I can’t refuse.

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