The Spinsters Guild Series by Rose Pearson

The Spinsters Guild Series by Rose Pearson (1-4) 

Overview: Rose has read her way through countless romances over the years, “borrowing” them from her older sisters, and hiding them from her mother. She has a special love for Regency romances and when she began writing, the Regency period was a natural place to start.
Genre: Romance





1. A New Beginning – Can Emily, a widow, help others find love, and have a chance at love herself?
Lady Emily Smithton has returned to society with the sole objective of enjoying herself. Having completed her mourning for her late husband, she has no intention of finding herself a new husband nor even allowing herself to be courted by a gentleman.
But when an old beau reappears in the form of one Lord Havisham, Emily begins to wonder whether her heart can remain as resolute as she had hoped!
Emily discovers that she has something of a follower in young Miss Bavidge, who longs to have the same confidence, gentility, and determination as she. Near to being regarded as a spinster, Miss Bavidge begs for Emily’s help in finding a husband for both herself and her friends.
Emily loves a challenge, and Miss Bavidge and her friends certainly need help, but will Emily be able to aid her?
And what will become of Lord Havisham and his intention to pursue Emily until she consents to his courtship?

2. The Disgraced Bride – Miss Emma Bavidge can barely make her way through society without someone whispering about her.
Her father’s disgrace has ruined her reputation and left her struggling in society. Her one hope is Lady Emily Smithton, who leads ‘The Spinsters Guild’ and has promised to help. When questioned, however, Emma cannot pretend that she is immune to the charms of one gentleman in particular – Viscount Morton.
Viscount Nathaniel Morton cannot help but feel sorry for Miss Bavidge. Knowing her father as well as he does, he is well aware that her reputation bears no stain other than that of her father’s disgrace. He wishes to help her in some way, wanting to encourage her back into society’s good graces, but does not quite know how to go about it.
One thing is for certain – he cannot allow her to know the truth about the part he played in bringing about her father’s fall from grace, not even if he begins to find his heart yearning for no one but her!
Can Emma and Nathaniel find love and happiness despite the secrets between them?

3. A Gentleman’s Revenge – Miss Sarah Crosby knows she is already considered a spinster.
Sent to London in order to take care of her aunt and help her cousin to make her debut, she has no hope for her own future. It is only when Miss Bavidge introduces her to Lady Smithton that she finally starts to believe that she might be able to have a life of her own.
Unfortunately, most of her time is taken up accompanying her cousin, Miss Sophia Marks. Much to her shame, Sarah finds herself becoming greatly interested in one of her cousin’s suitors, Lord Daniel Ruddington. He is quiet and retiring, barely smiles and seems to carry a great weight on his shoulders but she is still drawn to him.
Lord Daniel Ruddington has no-one he can turn to.
Pretending that he is nothing more than a gentleman enjoying London society, he hides a great secret and a furious anger within his heart as he attempts to further his acquaintance with Miss Sophia Marks. However, his gaze is so often drawn to her companion, her quiet, kind nature contrasting with his determination for revenge.
Will he be able to take his revenge? Or will Miss Crosby be the one to stop him?

4. A Foolish Wager – A Lady with a limp. A Gentleman blackmailed in a wager. Can anything good come of this?
Lady Amelia Ferguson cannot remember the day she fell from the apple tree in the orchard, but she has carried the consequences of it ever since.
Even though she is the daughter of the late Earl of Stockbridge, London society do not regard her as of any importance because of her limp. She hopes that Lady Smithton can help her in her dream of finding a kind, gentle, and accepting gentleman for a husband.
Lord Oliver Montague is a gentleman with both fortune and influence. Blackmailed into a wager he must take or lose his reputation in the ton, he is forced to court Lady Amelia and try to win the bet of making Lady Amelia fall in love with him and state those words aloud.
However, the moment he sees her, Oliver begins to fear he has made a dreadful mistake. But what can he do when so much is at stake?

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