Wynton Series by Bianca Cole

Wynton Series by Bianca Cole (1-4) 

Overview: Bianca Cole is a steamy contemporary romance author who loves to write over the top filthy alpha men who fall head over heels for their women.
Genre: Fiction > Romance





1. Filthy Boss- I broke the number one rule within hours of accepting my position as acting CEO.
I kissed my employee.
Sure, I didn’t know she was my employee at the time.
The next day she walks into my office, looking as shocked as I feel.
Then she drops a bomb on me, that she’s a first floor accounting analyst and someone is embezzling money from under my nose.
It’s my first day as acting CEO, and it’s not going well at all.
I panic and tell her to mind her own business and stick to work that’s meant for her.
So she quits.
As much as I don’t want to admit it, I need her help in order to figure out who’s doing the skimming.
It mean I’ve got to beg her to get her back and help me capture those behind the skimming.
Problem is any time we’re together I can’t focus on anything but making this woman mine.
And if feelings get involved?
Yeah right.
I’m Bryson Stafford and I don’t let feelings get involved.
But Tessa has shown she’s the exception to every rule.

2. Filthy Professor – I know the number one rule as a professor – never under any circumstances get involved with a student.
I’d never had a problem sticking to the rules, until the fated first day of the semester when Sasha Harman walks into the lecture hall of my British Literature class.
She captures my attention like no other woman ever has. She is beautiful, sexy and intelligent.
I try to fight it, perhaps not hard enough, but I try. But, once I taste of her, I know I can’t stop.
Then she tells me she’s a virgin and I know there is no way in hell I’m letting her go. I’m going to claim my student and make her mine, and nothing can stop me.

3. Filthy Lawyer – I want my new boss’s daughter.
I saw her at the company party, walking across the room with her eyes fixed on some other guy.
I knew I had to step in and stop her from talking to him, so I pulled her against me, pretending I mistook her for a prostitute.
Then she slapped me and put me in my place, revealing who she was–Ivy Heisman–My boss’s daughter.
From that moment, I knew I was in over my head.
She makes me crazy with the need to claim her.
She’s a hot, feisty red-head who won’t take any shit, and I love it.
Problem is, she hates me. How am I supposed to get her into my bed now?
Not to mention, the strict company policy against staff dating.
I’ve got a feeling it may be even more strict when it comes to the boss’s daughter.
Although rules are made to be broken and it’s what I do best.

4. Filthy Doctor – The worst day of the year has arrived.
We’re inundated with interns who we have to baby sit, and I don’t do baby sitting.
You’d think as a world-renowned neurologist, I wouldn’t have to. Apparently it makes me more eligible for overseeing the interns.
What’s worse is that one of the interns has captured my attention in a very bad way.
Lexi Miller is intelligent, beautiful, and under my care, which means totally off limits. I’ve got to keep my hands to myself.
Although, It doesn’t seem to stop me from thinking about all the filthy things I want to do to her, every time I see her.
I’m not sure how I’m going to keep away from her for the entire year.
I think this is going to be the worst year yet, but for such a good reason.

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