The Blooming Brides Series by Ellie St. Clair

The Blooming Brides Series by Ellie St. Clair (1-3)

Overview: Ellie has always loved reading, writing, and history. For many years she has written short stories, non-fiction, and has worked on her true love and passion — romance novels.
Genre: Fiction > Romance




1. A Duke for Daisy – The moment Nathaniel Huntingwell, the newly minted Duke of Greenwich, steps into The Wild Rose Inn, a literal run-in with Daisy Tavners changes everything. Recovering from a war wound and hiding his true identity, he is constantly tested by the stubborn and opinionated eldest daughter of the innkeeper, yet he cannot seem to keep away from her.
Busy running her parents’ inn, Daisy has no times for secrets. And she definitely doesn’t have time for secret dukes. In fact, she wants nothing more than for the arrogant, self-righteous Mr. Hawke, as she knows him, to leave the inn and her family, for he is clearly hiding something he has no wish to share. Already left for another woman by one of the local gentry, she vows to never trust again — especially a man who treats her with such superiority.
Everything about Daisy and Nathaniel should mean they are absolutely wrong for one another. Yet the more time they spend together, the more they cannot deny that they are inexplicably drawn to one another. When Nathaniel must assume the life of a duke, however, what will happen to Daisy?

2. A Marquess for Marigold – Marigold Tavners has a gentle spirit and a loving heart, though she would prefer to spend her time amongst four-legged creatures than with the guests of her parents’ inn. When she sees a hurt, she has to heal it, no matter the breed of the animal.
After the death of his wife, Jacob Rothschild, Marquess of Dorchester, joined the army to distance himself from the tragedy his life had become. Not caring if he lived or died, he survived but was left with a scar across his face that matched the one upon his heart.
The bitter marquess manages to keep most away with his surliness, but Marigold has never been able to resist an attempt to heal a broken soul — even if this particular one has no wish to be tended to. The more time they spend together, the more he opens up. But can he do so enough to ever love again?

3. An Earl for Iris – Iris Tavners met the man of her dreams. Then she found out that he was in love with someone else. Not one used to rejection, the outgoing high-spirited daughter of an innkeeper is no longer content with harmless flirtations, but nor is she sure if she can ever give her heart to another.
August Williams, the Earl of the Westwood, returned to London from his days hiding from the French eager to wed his fiancée, only to find that she gave her heart to another in his absence. Now the once charming rogue has lost all joviality. When he is told his identity has been compromised and he must return to the Wild Rose Inn, his spirits sink even lower.
Shocked when the former spy returns to Southwold, Iris is determined to resist being captivated by his charm once more. August, meanwhile, has sworn off women — especially those who are easy on the eyes and known to be fickle with their affections. But when danger threatens, will the two be drawn together despite their best intentions?

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