The Tainted Saints Series by Eve R. Hart

The Tainted Saints Series by Eve R. Hart (1-2)

Overview: Eve R Hart does her best writing while downing coffee and munching on chips and salsa. Her days are filled with lightsaber fights, saving the Lego city, and tea parties with her kids. By night, she switches out her cape for heels and writes steamy love scenes.
Genre: Fiction > Romance



1. Clean Hack – Mr. Clean
My life wasn’t exactly exciting. I was on the road more than I wasn’t. I hadn’t ever been pinned down to one location. And I didn’t truly have any real friends.But for years the illusion of my little psychic kept me going. Strange as it was, I felt a connection to her even before I got her to open up to me.I hated that it took such a traumatic event to finally bring us together. But the moment I looked into her wide, frightened eyes, I knew I’d never let her go.
When I was seventeen, my best friend was taken right before my eyes. Years I searched for her, digging into places I knew I wasn’t allowed and watching people from the comfort of my apartment without them even aware that I was.Years it took for me to get a lead on the man that had taken her. Then, I watched the world crumble around people that I didn’t know, but somehow felt like I did.When I got too close, I called the one person that I knew could save me from the mess I’d made. The very same man that had been a mystery for what felt like forever. I knew what he did for a living, in fact, I was the one that called to give him a heads up when I knew he’d be needed. But I never let myself get close, no matter how curious I was about him.Then he was there, and I had no place to hide. Only, I never imagined that my cleaner would be the one thing I wouldn’t ever be able to scrub out of my heart.

2. Killer Blonde – Silas
Hitman. Contract Killer. Assassin. No matter how you looked at it, I was a killer. I took lives and I did it for a paycheck.
Then I found Jessica.
It was unexpected, though it shouldn’t have been.
But I was a killer and she was trying to turn her life around. Would she be able to see more than a man of death when she looked at me? Could she ever love someone like me? And what would I do now that I had nothing left to search for?
I might not have had the easiest time in life but I was working on changing that. I was chasing my dreams, I wanted a family. All the things I’d been through, they shouldn’t have mattered, but they did.
However, in the processes of trying to get my life together, I ended up falling into a huge messed up situation.
And the last thing I expected was to be saved by him.

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