New Hampshire Bears Series by Mary Smith

New Hampshire Bears Series by Mary Smith (8, 11-13) 

Overview: USA Today Best Selling Author, Mary Smith, has been coming up with stories her whole life. She has written over forty romance stories involving hot sports stars, strong willed females and everything in between.





8. The Player and the Tattoo Artist – Alden Brockman is better known as the manwhore of the New Hampshire Bears. He’s the top player on and off the ice and never, ever had an issue getting a female into bed. A simple smirk, a wink, or a smooth phrase in his French-Canadian accent and they fall right into his arms. No matter what technique he used, no one ever told him no.
Until now…
Baylor Royer has worked hard to open her own tattoo shop and provide a good life for her ten-year-old son, Kace. Then after a one night stand with her client Alden Brockman her world changed. Now he wants to date her. But there’s one problem – Baylor knows it’s only because she told him no. She’s never had a steady man in her life because she doesn’t want Kace to get attached to a man who’s just going to leave at the blink of an eye. Plus, she’s even more scared she’ll fall in love with the wrong man.
Could the biggest player actually fall for a single mom?

11. The Nice Guy and the Therapist – Cabel Dirks is known for two things on the New Hampshire Bears. One, he’s the oldest player and two, he’s the nicest guy. Although he doesn’t mind being recognized for those things, he wants more. He wants to continue playing hockey for as long as his old body allows him, he wants his oldest daughter to be happy, and he wants Caryn Hammonds to fall in love with him. However, she’s dating the owner of the New Hampshire Bears.

12. The Devoted Father and the Introvert – Elexis Dunaway loves working at the coffee shop, reading to children, and going to college. Above all, she loves being alone. She doesn’t mind it because she has Twitter, and it keeps her connected to the world. When Elexis sees #dateme trending on Twitter, she decides to send a tweet to her favorite New Hampshire Bears player for a date. No big deal, right? It’s all for fun…
Until he tweets back.
Since the day his girlfriend left him, Dag Limon’s world only contained three things: his twin boys, his father, and hockey. He gave up everything for his boys, including his personal life. When a #dateme tweet to him gains a lot of attention, he begins to feel the pressure to follow through with it. What would be the harm in one date?
Can this devoted father bring this introvert out of her shell or will they both go back to being alone?

13. The Opposite Attractions – Many years ago, they agreed to a purely sexual relationship. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Mikayla Cramer’s long black hair, matching dark clothes, and blunt comments were a contradiction to her true self. She loved to knit, watch true crime documentaries, and wanted to be with Jarvis Richter, the New Hampshire Bears biggest manwhore. That is until his Alpha personality became too much to handle.
Jarvis Richter lived up to the bad boy persona the media and social sites made him out to be. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth. He may dine with supermodels, but he dreamed of having only one woman on his arm instead. He kept many secrets, hoping no one would find them out, except for one person. He wanted Mikayla to know the “real” him, but she walked away from him.
They say opposites attract, but do they?

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