Body Language (Loveswept)

1998 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 0553446622 | PDF | 1 MB

A bad boy in black leather who’d never forgotten the first girl he loved….Clint McCade roared into town to visit his best friend, just as he had a dozen times before–but this time the rugged photographer had romance on his mind! When Sandy Kirk told him she’d lost her heart at last, he knew he’d waited too long to claim her–but vowed to help her get her man. Practicing seduction and pretending to be lovers started out as a game, but would their lips and bodies betray the desire neither dared to confess?In a book that’s steamy and sensual, witty and poignant, Suzanne Brockmann celebrates an unforgettable reunion between childhood buddies whose romantic destiny is definitely each other! He’d always ridden off into the sunset before, unaware that his heart’s desire was so close to home, but now that he’d figured out his dream, would she want the same?


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