The Staunton, Virginia Anthology

English | ISBN: 149446473X | 260 Pages | EPUB | December 11, 2013 | 3.73 MB

English | ISBN: 149446473X | 260 Pages | EPUB | December 11, 2013 | 3.73 MB
The Ultimate Big Book of Staunton, Virginia Historic Tales
This anthology of previously unpublished stories from historic Staunton, Virginia contains a whopping 87 chapters, dozens of images and 70,000 words – all calculated to delight and inform the Virginia history afficionado. Staunton historian Charles Culbertson has assembled a vast array of tales from Staunton’s past and has arranged them in chronological order from the Revolutionary War period to the mid 1960s.
Forgotten Virginia History Brought to Life
Did you know about the theater started in Staunton by British captives during the Revolution? Or the Muslim pirate captive who escaped, walked 2,000 miles and was found nearly starved to death by a Staunton farmer? What about Patrick Henry’s lost boot or the Staunton hanging that drew10,000 spectators? They’re all here, and more, including chapters on:
Why Staunton is pronounced STAN-ton instead of STAWN-ton
Lust, greed and murder in 1830s Staunton
Staunton inventor whose repeating gun could have won the Civil War
Unruly Confederates
The Lunatic Asylum ghost
The first Tribe of Tarzan
Staunton during the Great War
Ingleside Hotel becoming a Nazi prison
A local man has a close encounter with a UFO
The Best Staunton, Virginia History Yet
Mr. Culbertson – whose extensive research and writings have resulted in a number of other books also available through Amazon – has put together a remarkable collection in this anthology. He has told the story of this beautiful, historic city in a reader-friendly manner, yet hasn’t skimped on research and scholarship. This is an important companion piece to his previous works on Staunton, Virginia.


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