The Neuroscience of Clinical Psychiatry, Third Edition

2019 | ISBN-10: 149637200X | 857 Pages | PDF conv | 19 MB

Bridge the gap between neuroscience and mental illness/mental health with this straightforward and reader-friendly resource! The Neuroscience of Clinical Psychiatry, 3rd Edition is a highly readable, in-depth text ideal for residents studying for boards, practicing psychiatrists, and any mental health professional seeking an overview of the neuroscience revolution. Focusing on the basic neuroscientific concepts underlying normal behavior and commonly encountered disorders, Dr. Edmund S. Higgins and Dr. Mark S. George make complex information enjoyable, relevant, and easy to understand, ensuring that this Third Edition continues to be a trusted source of information on the neurologic underpinnings of psychiatric disorders.
Thoroughly covers the intersection of clinical psychiatry and neuroscience, including updated research and today’s best practices.


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