Tired of Feeling Tired: Destroy Fatigue and Re-Energize

English | ISBN: 147519496X | 156 Pages | EPUB | April 13, 2012 | 1.70 MB

English | ISBN: 147519496X | 156 Pages | EPUB | April 13, 2012 | 1.70 MB
Tired of Feeling Tired – Destroy Fatigue and Re-Energize.
It has many names; chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue or just good old tiredness. But the symptoms are nearly always the same.
Feeling tired, lethargic or fatigued is one of the main reasons we visit the doctor. However, we are often told there’s nothing wrong with us.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is the feeling of being low on energy at various points throughout the day for no reason whatsoever. Is this something you feel on a regular basis?
Do you struggle to pull yourself out of bed in the morning?
Do you find sleeping at night difficult?
Do you find yourself taking frequent midday naps?
Are you depressed due to your feelings of fatigue?
Are you stressed out because of this?
Are your days not as productive as they could be?
Do you pass up invitations to go out with friends due to feeling tired and fatigued?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s likely you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome or some other condition that causes you to feel low on energy. But don’t worry – In the vast majority of cases, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia or the constant feeling of being tired can be cured without the need to resort to drugs or therapy.
In this book you will discover:
What condition, if any you may have.
If not, then how to pin-point your lifestyle habits that are making you feel fatigued.
A preventative and natural chronic fatigue syndrome treatment and fibromyalgia cure.
Exactly what you can do to give yourself more energy than you’ve ever had.
The case study of a professional dancer who suffered with fatigue for many years and exactly what she did to overcome the condition.
The author James Driver believes in making positive lifestyle changes that are all natural, healthy and drug free. This is the way towards an all round, healthy life with an abundance of energy.
Tired of Feeling Tired is not full of medical language that is hard to understand and neither is it overly lengthy but is straight to the point. Tired of Feeling Tired is not for the PhD student but is instead for the individual who is suffering from this invisible and often overlooked condition.


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