Nikon D90 For Dummies

English | February 12, 2009 | IBN: 0470457724 | 336 Pages | PDF | 79 MB

English | February 12, 2009 | IBN: 0470457724 | 336 Pages | PDF | 79 MB
Your Nikon D90 digital camera offers professional-quality features like 11-point autofocus, Live View, and the ability to shoot HD video. Take full advantage of every feature with Nikon D90 For Dummies! This fun and easy guide helps you understand and use all the dials and modes, manage photo size and quality, take creative control with manual settings, and share your images in print or online.
With this full-color book, getting great shots is a snap. You’ll learn to: Format memory cards, use Live View, create custom settings, and change lensesUse thumbnail and calendar displays and picture data, and get tips for inspecting your photosControl aperture, shutter speed, and ISO; work with active D-lighting; and use various flash modesTake control of lighting, exposure, and colorSet up, shoot, and review photos using the viewscreenRecord HD video, including sound, and know what your D90 can and can’t doDownload, organize, and archive your images, share them in prints, e-mails, or slide shows, and use Nikon’s photo management softwareDecide when you should use JPEG and when to use NEFAdjust resolution for optimum print quality or file size

    Photographic expert Julie Adair King also shares secrets for getting the best point-and-shoot pictures, why you might not want to use the top image quality setting, and much more. Grab your Nikon D90 and Nikon D90 For Dummies, and start shooting!


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