Organic Gardening For Dummies?

English | February 28, 2001 | ISBN: 0764553208 | 360 Pages | PDF | 187 MB

English | February 28, 2001 | ISBN: 0764553208 | 360 Pages | PDF | 187 MB
Organic gardening means different things to different people. Everybody agrees that it means avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. For many it’s about having safe food to eat. For others is about non-toxic lawns. But organic gardening is about much more than good eating and nice landscapes. It’s also about making conscious decisions and taking responsibility for actions that affect the world outside your backdoor, beyond the end of your driveway, and outside the boundaries of your hometown. Growing organic food, flowers and landscapes represents a commitment to a sustainable system of living that is in harmony with nature. For many people, organic gardening is a way of life.
Whether you’re cultivating a fruit and vegetable garden, maintaining your lawn, or growing roses, this book shows you how to work with nature, not against it, to create an organic garden your whole family will enjoy. Well known gardening author and journalist, Anne Whitman, with the full support of The National Gardening Association, gets you up and running with what you need to know to: Design a resilient gardenWipe out weeds without chemical pesticidesCombat pests with natural insect predatorsBuy or make compost and build healthy soilPrevent and control plant diseases naturallyFind good organic suppliers and information sources
This enjoyable, easy-to-understand guide fills you in on the what, when, where, why, how and who of growing plants but protecting the environment. From composting and mulching to harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables, Organic Gardening For Dummies covers all the bases with clear, step-by-step coverage of: The basic concepts, practices and tools of organic gardeningBuilding healthy soil and using organic fertilizersKeeping plants healthy, including tips on controlling pests safelyGrowing organically in your yard and garden-covers vegetables, herbs, small fruits, large fruits and nuts, flowers, trees and shrubs, and moreOrganic lawn careOrganic solutions for challenging soils and climates
Organic gardening methods help the planet and yield healthier plants and people. Now Organic Gardening For Dummies makes it easy for you to grow organically.


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