Mathematical Modelling and Biomechanics of the Brain

English | ISBN: 1493998099 | 2019 | 155 Pages | EPUB, PDF | 4 MB

English | ISBN: 1493998099 | 2019 | 155 Pages | EPUB, PDF | 4 MB
This monograph aims to provide a rigorous yet accessible presentation of some fundamental concepts used in modeling brain mechanics and give a glimpse of the insights and advances that have arisen as a result of the nascent interaction of the mathematical and neurosurgical sciences. It begins with some historical perspective and a brief synopsis of the biomedical/biological manifestations of the clinical conditions/diseases considered. Each chapter proceeds with a discussion of the various mathematical models of the problems considered, starting with the simplest models and proceeding to more complex models where necessary. A detailed list of relevant references is provided at the end of each chapter.
With the beginning research student in mind, the chapters have been crafted to be as self-contained as possible while addressing different clinical conditions and diseases. The book is intended as a brief introduction to both theoreticians and experimentalists interested in brain mechanics, with directions and guidance for further reading, for those who wish to pursue particular topics in greater depth. It can also be used as a complementary textbook in a graduate level course for neuroscientists and neuroengineers.


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