Handbook of Nutrition in the Aged Ed 4

English | ISBN: 1420059718 | 2008 | 382 Pages | PDF | 12 MB

English | ISBN: 1420059718 | 2008 | 382 Pages | PDF | 12 MB
Detailed Review of Nutritional Therapies Used to Combat Elderly Health Issues
The combination of the aging baby-boomer generation and their increased longevity has been fortunately met with increased research and greater understanding of health promotion and disease prevention in the elderly. Handbook of Nutrition in the Aged: Fourth Edition shares these groundbreaking insights and serves as a guide to better understand health problems that occur in aging adults and the nutritional therapies that are proven to fight and prevent them.
Addresses Requirements for Optimum Health of Aging Physiological Systems
This sharply focused work recognizes the special nutrition hurdles associated with the aged, particularly the decline of nutrient intake that compromises health. As a globally relevant text, this fourth edition is extensively revised, updated, and expanded to reflect the latest research in nutrition and aging. New chapters to this edition include information on:
Nutrition and the geriatric surgery patient
Nutrition supplementation in fracture care
Coffee and hypertension
Asian medicine
This book is a valuable tool not only for geriatricians and gerontologists, but also for dieticians, nutritionists, and aging researchers. It provides all the necessary information for assisting the growing aging population in maintaining a healthy quality of life.


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