Across the Plains: With other Memories and Essays

2009 | 332 Pages | ISBN: 1108003656 | PDF | 8 MB

The celebrated Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson arranged for his friend the art historian Sidney Colvin to select and organise the essays in this volume, many of which had originally appeared in 1888, though some date back to the early 1880s. It was published in 1892, two years before Stevenson’s untimely death. Colvin obtained many of the pieces from their original publishers, including magazines such as Fraser’s, Longman’s, The Magazine of Art and Scribner’s. What is particularly noteworthy about this collection is that although Stevenson had settled in the South Seas well before it appeared, all the items included were written prior to his journey there. Colvin mentions that the concluding pieces in particular were written during a period of considerable gloom and sickness for Stevenson, who himself claimed to ‘recover peace of body and mind’ after moving to the Pacific in 1890.


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