Project Management in Nursing Informatics

English | 2019 | ISBN: 082616434X | 521 Pages | PDF | 8.74 MB

English | 2019 | ISBN: 082616434X | 521 Pages | PDF | 8.74 MB
Data and technology factor more heavily than ever on quality patient care in today’s healthcare system. As technology increases in complexity and scope, involving more healthcare roles and types of data analysis, so does the demand for project management and astute leadership. Among other responsibilities, Nurse Informatics Specialists (NIS) manage and implement technology initiatives so clinicians workflow is more efficient, which improves patient care, and the bottom line. To accomplish these goals, it is essential that the NIS has excellent Project Management skills.
Written for graduate nursing students, Project Management in Nursing Informatics provides core project management skills for Informatics students. This text gives students project management examples using realistic healthcare case scenarios. Chapters describe nursing informatics competencies and project management concepts that will be essential for clinical practicum and practical experience. Case scenarios show the consequences of right and wrong processes and highlight factors that lead to success. With plenty of chapter activities, exercises, and tasks, this text pushes the written concepts into practical realities for the NIS.
Key Features
– Incorporates key concepts in defining scope, tracking budget, and meeting deliverables within the expected timeline
– Features cases with real-world scenarios
– Contains templates to monitor and track multiple projects
– Provides tools to manage, track, and complete a capstone project
– Presents a basic review of key nursing informatics competencies and its relationship in designing a capstone project
– Workflow analysis, concept mapping, data specification, collection and analysis
– Accompanied by Instructor’s PowerPoints


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