Advances in Teaching Physical Chemistry

2008 | 314 Pages | ISBN: 0841239983 | PDF | 30 MB

Content: Advances in teaching physical chemistry: overview / Mark D. Ellison, Tracy A. Schoolcraft — What to teach in physical chemistry: is there a single answer? / Gerald R. Van Hecke — Decisions in the physical chemistry course / Robert G. Mortimer — Integrating research and education to create a dynamic physical chemistry curriculum / Arthur B. Ellis — The evolution of physical chemistry courses / Peter Atkins — Philosophy of chemistry, reduction, emergence, and chemical education / Eric Scerri — Teaching and learning physical chemistry: a review of education research / Georgios Tsaparlis — Modern developments in the physical chemistry laboratory / Samuel A. Abrash — Existence of a problem-solving mindset among students taking quantum mechanics and its implications / David E. Gardner, George M. Bodner — Physical chemistry curriculum: into the future with digital technology / Theresa Julia Zielinski — “Partial derivatives: are you kidding?”: teaching thermodynamics using virtual substance / Chrystal D. Bruce, Carribeth L. Bliem, John M. Papanikolas — Molecular-level simulations as a chemistry teaching tool / Jurgen Schnitker — Introduction of a computational laboratory into the physical chemistry curriculum / Roseanne J. Sension — The effects of physical chemistry curriculum reform on the American chemical society DivCHED physical chemistry examinations / Richard W. Schwenz — Walking the tightrope: teaching the timeless fundamentals in the context of modern physical chemistry / Michelle M. Francl — The process oriented guided inquiry learning approach to teaching physical chemistry / J.N. Spencer, R.S. Moog — Teaching physical chemistry: let’s teach kinetics first / James M. LoBue, Brian P. Koehler — Fitting physical chemistry into a crowded curriculum: a rigorous one-semester physical chemistry course with laboratory / HollyAnn Harris.


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