The Kurds : An Encyclopedia of Life, Culture, and Society

by Sebastian Maisel

English | 2018 | ISBN: 1440842566 | 393 Pages | PDF | 17 MB
This indispensable resource for Western readers about the Kurds-an ancient indigenous group that exemplifies diversity in the Middle East-examines their history, politics, economics, and social structure.
Supplies a thorough examination of the Kurds, a people that are of great interest and relevance to the general public because of their successful campaign against the Islamic State
Offers a local, regional, and global perspective on important current Middle Eastern issues through the context of the Kurdish people
Underscores how the Kurds stand for diversity and pluralism in an otherwise homogeneous Middle East
Enables readers to develop a much better understanding of U.S. involvement in the Middle East
Includes entries written by a team of international contributors, including many Kurdish scholars


The Kurds : An Encyclopedia of Life, Culture, and Society.pdf