Snakes in American Culture : A Hisstory

by Jesse C. Donahue and Conor Shaw-Draves

English | 2019 | ISBN: 1476662657 | 229 Pages | PDF | 3.13 MB
Focusing primarily on American culture and history from the 1800s, this study draws on a wide range of sources-including newspaper archives, medical journals, and archives from the Smithsonian Institute-to examine the complex relationship between snakes and humans.
Preface: Dangerous Neighbors by Jesse C. Donahue
1. Bitten: Poor Americans and Snakes
2. Cures: the Strange and often painful treatment for Snakebite before American Antivenin
3. Antivenin: bringing the real Cure to the united States
4. On Stage: traveling Acts, Circuses and Zoos
5. On Screen: Snakes in the movies, reality television and Documentaries
6. In Jesus’ name: holiness and the handling of Serpents
Conclusion: Has Anything Changed?
Chapter Notes


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