Digital Wedding Photography For Dummies

English | April 1, 2013 | ISBN: 0470631465 | 320 Pages| PDF | 101 MB

English | April 1, 2013 | ISBN: 0470631465 | 320 Pages| PDF | 101 MB
Expert advice on becoming a successful wedding photographer
Wedding photography can be a great hobby or home-based business.But while it’s an exciting and lucrative field, it also has itschallenges.
Now, you can turn to Digital Wedding Photography ForDummies for friendly, hands-on guidance on selecting the rightequipment, building a client list, and developing the skills andtechniques needed to create stunning and memorable images.Covers tools and techniques practiced by some of the mostsuccessful photographers in the businessAdvice on camera settings, lighting, and anglesHow to create a professional experience that will put clientsat easeBuild a portfolio and connect with clientsStart a wedding photography business

    Whether you’re an aspiring wedding photographer who wants tolearn about the techniques that make the best wedding photographerssuccessful, or are in the business and want tips and advice toimprove your skills, this practical guide has you covered.


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