Handbook of Regression Methods

2017 | ISBN: 1498775292 | English | 654 Pages | PDF | 31 MB

2017 | ISBN: 1498775292 | English | 654 Pages | PDF | 31 MB
Handbook of Regression Methods concisely covers numerous traditional, contemporary, and nonstandard regression methods. The handbook provides a broad overview of regression models, diagnostic procedures, and inference procedures, with emphasis on how these methods are applied. The organization of the handbook benefits both practitioners and researchers, who seek either to obtain a quick understanding of regression methods for specialized problems or to expand their own breadth of knowledge of regression topics.
This handbook covers classic material about simple linear regression and multiple linear regression, including assumptions, effective visualizations, and inference procedures. It presents an overview of advanced diagnostic tests, remedial strategies, and model selection procedures. Finally, many chapters are devoted to a diverse range of topics, including censored regression, nonlinear regression, generalized linear models, and semiparametric regression.
Presents a concise overview of a wide range of regression topics not usually covered in a single text
Includes over 80 examples using nearly 70 real datasets, with results obtained using R
Offers a Shiny app containing all examples, thus allowing access to the source code and the ability to interact with the analyses


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