Analysis of Computer and Communication Networks

2008 | 684 Pages | ISBN: 0387744363 | PDF | 15 MB

Analysis of Computer and Communication Networks presents the academic and research communities with mathematical theory and techniques necessary for analyzing and modeling high-performance global networks, such as the Internet.The three main building blocks of high-performance networks are links, switching equipment connecting the links together, and software employed at the end nodes and intermediate switches. This work provides the basic techniques for modeling and analyzing these last two components. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: Markov chains and queuing analysis, traffic modeling, interconnection networks and switch architectures and buffering strategies. The text also includesa novel and detailed description of Markov processes as well as an entire chapter dedicated to solving Markov chains in equilibrium,appendices are provided as a handy reference for material and formulas discussed in the book,a discussion on the use of MATLABin engineering applications and a brief introduction on the package since it is one of the more common mathematical packages used,over 550 homework problems.Analysis of Computer and Communication Networks is intended for senior and graduate students, university researchers and practicing engineers in communications, network design and analysis.


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