Chaos Control: Theory and Applications

2003 | 373 Pages | ISBN: 3540404058 | PDF | 13 MB

Chaos control refers to purposefully manipulating chaotic dynamical behaviors of some complex nonlinear systems. There exists no similar control theory-oriented book available in the market that is devoted to the subject of chaos control, written by control engineers for control engineers.??World-renowned leading experts in the field provide their state-of-the-art survey about the?extensive research that has been done over the last few years in this subject. The new technology of chaos control has major impact on novel engineering applications such as telecommunications, power systems, liquid mixing, internet technology, high-performance circuits and devices, biological systems modeling?like?the brain and the heart, and decision making. The book is not only aimed at active researchers in the field of chaos control involving control and systems engineers, theoretical and experimental physicists, and applied mathematicians, but also at a general audience in related fields.


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