Hitler’s Table Talk: His Private Conversations, 1941-44

2000 | ISBN-10: 184212028X, 1929631057 | 766 Pages | PDF | 7 MB

In the relaxed atmosphere of his inner circle, Hitler talked freely about his aims, his early life and his plans for world conquest and a new German empire. The full text of Hitler’s Table Talk as annotated and preserved by Bormann, is presented here. This book is the most significant record of Hitler’s mind and character in existence. Revealing, for instance his thoughts on the English language which he though inferior to German as it ‘lacks the ability to express thoughts that surpass the order of concrete things’ to his hatred of idealism ‘he found it quite normal that the bodies of his political prisoners should be burnt and their ashes used by his SS guards to manure their gardens’. A compelling and frequently repellent read. Hugh Trevor-Roper provides an Introduction on ‘The Mind of Adolf Hitler’ and a preface on developments since the book was first published in 1953.


Hitler’s Table Talk: His Private Conversations, 1941-44.pdf