The Wrestling Drill Book, 2nd edition

2013 | 384 Pages | ISBN: 1450432166 | PDF | 10 MB

Wrestling’s leading drill book has been updated to include new chapters, drills, coaching advice and practice planning. The “Wrestling Drill Book, Second Edition”, is bigger, better and more comprehensive than ever. The “Wrestling Drill Book” features match-tested drills from takedowns, escapes, and reversals to riding and pinning combinations, each contributor breaks down a technique, tactic, or facet of wrestling for which they are renowned. Chapters unfold sequentially, moving from simple to more complex drills, each including setup requirements, descriptions of the action and key coaching points for maximizing the value of every drill. Detailed descriptions provide thorough instruction for proper execution of each move. This best-seller has helped wrestlers become champions and is a must for every wrestler and coach. Getting to grips with wrestling.


The Wrestling Drill Book, 2nd edition.pdf