Albert Einstein

English | 2015 | ASIN: B013M88ICS | 29 Pages | ePUB | 166 KB

English | 2015 | ASIN: B013M88ICS | 29 Pages | ePUB | 166 KB
Unfortunately, you’ve fallen victim to the biggest lie out there: that creating a life of dreams is hard and nearly impossible. It’s nearly impossible because without the right connections, a good early education, and financial wealth to back you up, you might as well sit on the sidelines and fold your arms. When you have nothing going for you, and/or obligations to tend to, shackling you to the ground (money doesn’t grow on trees), you might not even see the point in starting, because creating a life of dreams must surely be for the 1%.
If you think creating a more desired life is costly, you are right – it’s not easy. It requires dedication and a willingness to give up short-term satisfaction, and that means being prepared to give some of your happiness away for the greater, long-term good. However, if that all sounds a bit too much – why would you want to sacrifice your happiness? – then you need to take a step back and foresee a different kind of outcome that will inevitably unfold if you take the “road most taken”: a future of unrealized potential; an underlying, constant inner-discomfort; and, the most horrid of all, regret. And what is the “road most taken”? It’s the easy road out. It’s the road most people take in life, the one that appears comfortable and easy, but is actually laden with nightmares and discomfort. If you’re ignoring your dreams to pursue something more acceptable or less risky, you are taking the road most taken.


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