Environmental Applications of Remote Sensing

ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 9535124447 9535124439 | 405 Pages | PDF | 109 MB

This book contains high quality and compressive work on both microwave and optical remote sensing applications, and the innovation in space technologies creates a new trend for the Earth observation and monitoring from space.
The book is divided into five sections:
– remote sensing for biomass estimation,
– remote sensing-based glacier studies,
– remote sensing for coastal and ocean applications,
– sewage leaks and environment disasters, and
– remote sensing image processing.
Each chapter offers an opportunity to expand the knowledge about various remote sensing techniques and persuade researchers to deliver new research novelty for environment studies.
1 Remote Sensing-Based Biomass Estimation
2 Detection of Tree Crowns in Very High Spatial Resolution Images
3 Climate Factors’ Effects on Glacier Variations in the Commune of Alto del Carmen, Chile
4 Remote Sensing of the Glacial Environment Influenced by Climate Change
5 Remote Sensing of Mountain Glaciers and Related Hazards
6 Optical Satellite Remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone Environment – An Overview
7 Remote Sensing of the Ocean Environment Using Finite Element Methods
8 Bio-Optical Modeling in a Tropical Hypersaline Lagoon Environment
9 Utilization of Ground-Penetrating Radar and Frequency Domain Electromagnetic for Investigation of Sewage Leaks
10 Geo-spatial Technology for Landslide Hazard Zonation and Prediction
11 Remote Sensing for Natural or Man-made Disasters and Environmental Changes
12 Topological Characterization and Advanced Noise-Filtering Techniques for Phase Unwrapping of Interferometric Data Stacks
13 Processing of Multichannel Remote-Sensing Images with Prediction of Performance Parameters
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