CAD: A Handbook for Heels

1992 | 150 Pages | ISBN: 0922915091 | scanned PDF | 87 MB

With good humor and a stylish look, Cad captures the mood of 1950’s men’s magazines in as’ femmes fatales in maximalist lingerie, and contents include articles and interviews. A compilation of great retro stuff that would be found in all those great men’s magazines from the 50s and 60s, such as a photos of a pre-Gilligan’s Island Tina Louise to a interview with the great breast-obsessive director, Russ Myer. 200 photographs; 120 line drawings.CAD is humorous, entertaining, and sexy. It is a manual/zine for the swinging bachelor. If you aspire to become a swinging bachelor, this is a good resource by which to model your behavior and style. I personally like the book for its entertainment value, cool pictures, and interesting stories. Very nice coffee table literature!!!This is hipster fare for the most part, with a few amusing bits. There’s a good Russ Meyer interview and some retro stuff about martinis and such. But the best part for me was the Dan Clowes comic of one of the more bawdy versions of “Frankie and Johnnie”. It’s one of his better “early” pieces. The lyrics are a hoot and you can really see that Clowes had a blast drawing it. What can one say about a book that features not only articles on Kerouac and Chet Baker, but also a glossary of terms on drunkenness and a catalogue of toasts, along with bar-keeping tips and advice on how to manhandle…an emphatic YES!A funny read all around and worth the price of admission just for the two page spread illustrating different types of hangovers as well as a list of great toasts (“Champagne to your real friends and real pain to your sham friends”)


CAD: A Handbook for Heels.pdf