Behind the Pink Curtain: The Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema

2008 | 416 Pages | ISBN: 190325454X , 1903254531 | scanned PDF | 365 MB

Steamy, subversive, exotic & bizarre! Behind the Pink Curtain takes the reader on a wild joy ride deep into the hinterlands of Japanese culture, society and radical politics by way of the weird and wonderful world of the country’s distinctive sex film movements. Behind the Pink Curtain focuses on one of the most notorious sectors of Japanese filmmaking, the erotic Pink Film, or pinku eiga genre, and the closely related Roman Porno films produced by Nikkatsu studios from 1971 to 1988. From the early ’60s onwards major Japanese film studios and independent producers alike have kept up a conveyor belt level of output of pornographic features intended purely for cinema release. Still today, just short of 100 such titles are shot on 35mm every year intended for screening in a specialist network of adult cinema across the nation. In recent years, many have been released on DVD in the West or screened at international film festivals, while many of Japan’s most noted filmmakers today cut their teeth in this industry. Based on extensive interviews with many of the leading figures in the field, Behind the Pink Curtain is a colourful and exhaustive expose’ of Japan’s most vibrant and prolific filmmaking sector.


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