Mathematics and Society

2016 | ISBN-10: 3037191643 | 314 Pages | PDF | 15 MB

The ubiquity and importance of mathematics in our complex society is generally not in doubt. However, even a scientifically interested layman would be hard pressed to point out aspects of our society where contemporary mathematical research is essential. Most popular examples are finance, engineering, wheather and industry, but the way mathematics comes into play is widely unknown in the public. And who thinks of application fields like biology, encryption, architecture, or voting systems?
This volume comprises a number of success stories of mathematics in our society – important areas being shaped by cutting edge mathematical research. The authors are eminent mathematicians with a high sense for public presentation, addressing scientifically interested laymen as well as professionals in mathematics and its application disciplines.
Keywords: Mathematics in the public; mathematics in architecture, biology, climate, encryption, engineering, finance, industry, nature shapes, physics, telecommunication, and voting systems; experimental mathematics, mathematics museums, mathematics for complex data


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