Beyond Calculus: Innovative Approaches to Undergraduate Mathematics Courses

2005 | 188 Pages | ISBN: 0883851776 | PDF | 1 MB

This book describes innovative approaches that have been used successfully by a variety of instructors in the undergraduate mathematics courses that follow calculus. These approaches are designed to make upper division mathematics courses more interesting, more attractive, and more beneficial to our students. The authors of the articles in this volume show how this can be done while still teaching mathematics courses. These approaches range from various classroom techniques to novel presentations of material to discussing topics not normally encountered in the typical mathematics curriculum. One overriding goal of all of these articles is to encourage students to stretch their mathematical boundaries. This stretching can be done in a variety of ways but there is one common theme; students expand their horizons not merely by sitting and listening to lectures but by doing mathematics. This book is meant for the instructor. It will be very useful to anyone teaching a course beyond first year calculus.


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