Computing Concepts with C++ Essentials

1997 | 688 Pages | ISBN: 0471137707 | scanned PDF | 53 MB

This text allows introductory computer science to be taught in a language as powerful as C++. The author distills C++ down to a core of fundamental data types, structures, and syntax so that the instructor and student can concentrate on the essentials of programming. Objects are introduced in two stages. From the second chapter on, students learn how to use predefined classes, in particular strings, streams and graphical shapes. Students should become comfortable with the concepts of creating and using objects. A conscious effort is made to reduce the technical complexities of C++. There is no mention of topics such as member initialization list syntax or default parameters. The approach allows students and teachers new to the concept of objects to make the transition more easily from Pascal, C or other non-object languages into a C++ environment while still conveying all of the material essential for understanding the basics of computer science. Toward that goal, the author incorporates various pedagogical aids throughout to help students with especially challenging topics. Examples in the text should lead students to better programming style. This text should be of use in any introductory course based in C++.


Computing Concepts with C++ Essentials.pdf