Communicating Hip-Hop : How Hip-Hop Culture Shapes Popular Culture

by Nick J. Sciullo

English | 2019 | ISBN: 1440842221 | 132 Pages | PDF | 1.51 MB
This insightful analysis of the broad impact of hip-hop on popular culture examines the circulation of hip-hop through media, academia, business, law, and consumer culture to explain how hip-hop influences thought and action through our societal institutions.
Considers hip-hop across aspects of culture, recognizing hip-hop’s pervasive influence on not only clothing styles, music, and brand consumption but also social movements, political activity, legal thought, and artistry
Presents evidence of how U.S. culture is strongly influenced by the main elements of hip-hop culture-emceeing, DJing, break dancing, and graffiti
Argues that hip-hop should be recognized both as an object of study and approach to studying popular culture
Supplies academically rigorous information and perspectives but is written for an educated general readership


Communicating Hip-Hop : How Hip-Hop Culture Shapes Popular Culture.pdf

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